Monday, March 1, 2010

Go Anthony its your birthday - gonna paaarty like its ya birthday

Plus a little ode I wrote whilst waiting for the bus

I feel sick

The air stiffens around me as midday heat reaches a climax.
I look with searching eyes into the rippling distant horizon


Not a thing moving in sight. My eyes try and try and trick me, finding
anything of bus stature or likeness to give me hope.
I check my wrist for the 20th time to watch time tick away with malice.
My stomach is in knots, beads of sweat litter my forehead, I know the feeling well


It sets in like the flu, giving you small hints of its presence before it envelopes
you in pure cold fury. I lick my lips and swallow what's left of my saliva on this
morbidly hot day
"don't worry" I said "The bus will be on time"
My voice rings in my head sounding strained and unfamiliar


Why did I say that? I jinxed myself! things always go badly when you least
want them to... I curse myself
My life
My dependancy on a transport system that continues to fail me when I need it most


I hate this! I hate the bus! I hate the driver, I hate everyone that hindered me from
getting a license - I'll tell him.. I'll...

Suddenly the screech of brakes
The hiss of machinery relaxing to a stop.
He opens the door with a hard jerk, looking down on my squinting red face
He smiles as I climb heavily onto the steps and thrust my dollar in the slot.
In one swift nod of of kindness my anger dissolves and sitting lightly in a cozy
corner near the back I forget it all and am ready to begin again tomorrow

1 comment:

  1. Quite a in-depth ode, I have to say! Very, very nice.

    Now now, you're forgiven. I can't get angry at you, you know that. ^_^

    Crazy guys yelling are never fun. I usually put on my best tough guy face and steadily walk past, so they'd be thinking "better not mess with that guy". That or "What's wrong with his face".

    Heh, those 'can't be bothered' moments are terribly guilt inducing.

    Hey, your tattoo artist count is steadily notching up! I'd say that's a resume point right there... ;)

    You definitely know you have a problem on your hands when balloons aren't being blown up properly!

    In the bin!?

    Bonus! You go girl!

    Man, I dunno what I'd say to that, and I'm coming from a Catholic background.

    I will agree on those prints. ;)

    I kinda like getting caught in the rain. Dunno what it is...

    Highlight of the week, goodness...nice and red now!